Hail and welcome!

Coven of the Crystal Owls Is a meeting place for learning and growing with in your studies of Wicca
We are a circle of Wicca that have join together to grow and build a community. Here is southern West Virginia with our coven stead base in Oak Hill, West Virginia. We hope to be a spring board for all those who seek the goddess and the old ways
We do take our path serious and are here to help those with in our community to  grow with in their own path
We are seeker friendly, while we are not affiliated with any tradition with in Wicca. We do honor those who have chosen that walk of life and will enable any who seek that type of training as a good starting point and foundation for your growth with in the craft of the wise. Weather you have study for 3 day to 40 years we welcome you to the coven of the crystal owls.
On these pages you will find information about Wicca, the coven as a whole and what we have to offer you the seeker.