About Lord Aeson

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Aeson has been studying and working with in the Wicca community for a number of years, , and has severed as Wicca clergy volunteer Federal Bureau of Prisons.

He has work many courses of study both as the student and the teacher, from Eclectic Wicca, Solitary Wicca traditional systems.

While Lord Aeson has studied and practices and facilitates  traditional Wicca groups.

Legal  Clergy

Available for Legal Marriages,  Hindcasting’s and Commitment Ceremonies; Crossing and Funeral Rites; Wiccanings/Sainings; In-hospital ministerial service.

Clergy Rates: Handfastings /Marriages = $75.00, Wiccanings/ Crossings = Gifting is acceptable

,In-Hospital Service = No fee please,

Additional cost for travel expense and accommodations for out of town functions.

For more information please E-mail Aeson@aesonknight.com