Braucherei Healing Circle

Each Month Coven of the crystal Owls, will host a Braucherei Healing Circle Please check our calender for the date if you would like to join us,
Pow-Wow (Braucherei) is a Pennsylvania Dutch German Magickal System based on a blend of High German Magick, Southern Country Philosophy, Pre-Christian Pagan practices, Gypsy influence, and Native American herbal cures for the ailments of human and beast, the seen and unseen, medicinal and…otherwise. Pow-Wow is a unique system that relies on one’s belief and the manipulation of energy by means of what we now understand to be the quantum physics of the mind.
The system of Braucherei (PowWow) works regardless of the practitioners preference in religion because of its simple and powerful foundation — belief. If you believe, really believe, then powwow works. If you don’t believe, if you doubt, it doesn’t work. Likewise, if the client believes what you work for will come to pass, then so it will. If the client does not believe, success may be long in coming, limited, or never arrive at all. Therefore, it is vitally important that you, as the PowWow practitioner learn to work within the framework of the religious system of the client. And, as an aside, we use the word client loosely here, as historically, most workings are done for barter or donation. Braucherei is a system born of quantum physics. It requires no religion. It only demands belief. Belief is the main foundation of the system — without it, the system fails

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle: Rules Are Simple: Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed In the form Bellow. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

If you would like a Healing request Added to our monthly working Please complete the form below :


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