Guideline of the Coven of the Crystal Owls

Because we will all be meeting at an even table the god and goddess will only be referred to in tile and generalities as we understand that our members may have devotional goddess/gods so that we as a coven do not mix pantheons

  • While we respect those who have followed traditional paths and earned degrees and we honor those degrees but within the coven of the crystal owls there will be no degree or offices other than high priest and his chosen high priestess those looking for degree and tiles should meet and discusses training with in a traditional path with Lord Aeson
  • Because this is a supportive and family welcoming  coven there is to be No Drugs, or alcohol to be used at the coven stead doing meeting or ritual or doing any function of the coven of the crystal owl.
    There will be not sky clad activities those who wish to wear robes are welcome to do so or street cloths is perfectly fine.
  • We will hold to the Principles of Wiccan Beliefs, and the tent of faith.
  • We will not tolerated drama of any kind
  • We have a zero tolerance policy regarding violence or abuse.
  • . We expect our member to obey the laws of the land, to support themselves and their families to the best of their ability, to be honest,  and to keep their word.

All members must go throw pre screening before joining into coven actives for the safety of the coven